Elm Brook Place is open to anyone with a history of mental illness as long as they are able to be safe in the community. Referrals can be made by any mental health care provider including DMH workers, therapists, psychiatrists and social workers. There is no fee or need for insurance billing to become a member. You may schedule a program tour at any time.

We are funded by the Mass. Department of Mental Health who now require mental health diagnostic information to approve enrollment. Print this referral form for your mental health care provider to fill out and send to us at 4 A Street, Burlington, MA 01803, or fax to (781) 202-2482, or scan and send via email to You must also print, sign and send to us this information release giving us permission to send your diagnostic information to DMH.

Once we receive your paperwork, we submit them to DMH for approval. Turn-around time is usually within 3 business days. We will contact you as soon as it is approved to schedule an intake.

If you are currently without a mental health care provider, we can arrange for a clinician to meet with you for diagnostic purposes to facilitate enrollment.
Intake and Orientation:

Members who are referred to Elm Brook Place (EBP) are asked to come in for a formal intake meeting. New members are first given a tour of our program by an EBP member. They are introduced to members and staff from each unit and given a quick overview of each area of the clubhouse. After the tour, they will meet with the Intake Coordinator to familiarize with the clubhouse model, and to discuss the supports and services EBP has to offer.

An initial goal plan is co-formulated with members where any immediate areas of need are addressed including employment, housing, health insurance and other entitlements. At the conclusion of the intake meeting we suggest a three day orientation where we ask new members to spend one day in each work unit. However, members are free to utilize the club in whatever way suits them, for example for employment assistance only etc.

Elm Brook Place provides daily member transportation to and from the club in certain local communities for those who: Do not drive, or are unable to access public transportation or the MBTA RIDE. We do so as part of the statewide Human Services Transportation (HST) system that is brokered by the Montachusett Regional Transit Authority (MART) and is funded by DMH. Transportation for qualified members can be arranged by contacting your DMH case manager (if applicable), or our staff at (781) 202-3478.