Employment / Education / Vocational support:

Community Employment and Education Opportunities

Work is integral to self-esteem and recovery. It is often difficult to enter the job market when a psychiatric disability has disrupted a person's employment history, education or both.

Elm Brook Place provides person-centered career services that can include:

  • Career interest evaluation and counseling
  • Job placement in Transitional or Supported employment
  • Assistance with independent employment
  • Job search skills
  • Resume writing
  • Job application assistance
  • Interviewing skills
  • On-the-job training/coaching
  • Transportation to work
  • Off-site job support
  • Social Security counseling for work-incentives and reporting
  • Supported Education: assistance with obtaining GED, college and certificate program applications, disability accommodations, and financial aid
  • Referral to services/resources offered by the Woburn Career Place
Elm Brook Place offers a variety of job opportunities for its members, and supports individual needs.

Transitional Employment (TE) enables members to return to work without going through job interviews or other screening processes. TE provides time-limited entry-level employment placement with on the job training and coverage for absences.

TE is ideal for those who are just starting to go back to work and, at completion, provides a recent work history and reference to go onto other work.

Supported Employment (SE) assists members with obtaining their own permanent job in their field of interest/expertise. Supports can include transportation, job leads, introduction to employer, assistance with training and benefits counseling.
Independent Employment (IE) assists members with finding employment independently.
Workers Night Dinner is held on Monday evenings from 4:00 - 6:00pm for peer support and celebratory dinner. It is open to anyone who is currently working or seeking employment.
Job Club is a weekly employment forum that is held each Wednesday at 1pm in the Business Unit. Each week offers a different employment-related topic of discussion and instruction including:  resume writing; interviewing skills; career decision making; SSI / SSDI Work incentives and wage reporting; online job applications; Coping with or "fixing" problematic CORIs; and job keeping skills to name a few.
Job seekers should contact Program Director, Carrie Endicott at (781) 202-3478 x15 to set up an appointment to meet regarding employment.