Information for Employers:

Make Elm Brook Place work for your company...
through our Transitional or Supported Employment Programs!

Have you ever hired employees off the street or through an agency, only to find out that the employee is not a good match for your needs, is not productive to your standards, or came with inadequate (or non-existent) support services?

Elm Brook Place offers two cost-effective solutions for your personnel needs:

Transitional Employment:

  • Perfect for part-time entry-level jobs in office support, retail, food service and many other fields.
  • Our staff learns your job thoroughly to your specifications and productivity standards.
  • We place one of our program members who is deemed a good fit for your needs into the position.
  • Our staff trains your employee to your specifications until all parties are happy with job performance/fit.
  • Our fully insured staff actually covers your job for any employee absence for free, ensuring your productivity.
  • Your employee works the position for 6 to 9 months, after which time the job is rolled over to another program member who is then trained.
  • You get a Work Opportunity Tax Credit for hiring through our program

Supported Employment:

  • Our staff finds an ideal employee to suit your needs for a wide variety of jobs including skilled professions – for free!
  • Your employee receives on-going support from our program including but not limited to job transportation, and training assistance if needed.
  • You get a Work Opportunity Tax Credit for hiring through our program

Our program member gets:

  • Valuable work experience
  • A boost of self-confidence and self-worth
  • A real connection to the community
  • Something recent to put on their resume or job application
  • A good job reference to move forward with a supported or independent job.

We work with many local are companies who have enjoyed not only a tax credit from hiring our members, but excellent employees with unparalleled on-going support services to back them up.

Crosby’s Market, Concord
CVS, Concord and Bedford
Marshalls, Bedford
HomeGoods, Bedford
TJMaxx/HomeGoods, Acton
Staples, Bedford

“We have been very pleased with the member employees we have hired through Elm Brook Place. They have a quality employment program that gives us great employees. They are always attentive to our needs as a business and deliver the level of support that they promise – their staff will even cover shifts if an employee calls out sick.”
 - Laci Ferraro, Store Manager, Marshalls, Bedford, MA