Day clubhouse program:
A place to come to:
Participating in a full week of work builds stamina, structure and confidence. As self esteem and ability grow, members are empowered to venture into more challenges including gainful employment, academic studies and independent living.
Work Units that run the day-to-day operation of the clubhouse include:

The Culinary Unit:
There are many varied and creative opportunities for participation in our Culinary Unit. We are dedicated to offering the most healthy, nutritious and delicious meals at an affordable price.
In the morning from 8:00am to 9:00am, we brew coffee for sale (.30 a cup) and offer a free continental breakfast of bagels and toast. After the morning meeting, the unit goes to work cleaning up after breakfast and preparing the lunch entrees. Elm Brook offers a regular and “alternative” lunch for $1.50.
In addition to daily breakfast and lunch, the Culinary Unit prepares healthy frozen microwavable dinners that members can purchase for $1.00 (who says eating healthy needs to be expensive!).
Each Friday at 1:00pm, the Culinary Unit hosts “Healthy Cooking for One or Two” in which healthy and easy to make recipes are prepared and taste-tested.
Daily jobs in the unit include:
  • Breakfast and coffee set up
  • Coffee sales
  • Dining room clean up after breakfast
  • Food shopping
  • Menu planning
  • Sysco food ordering
  • Food preparation
  • Baking, sautéing, grilling and boiling
  • Silverware wrapping
  • Food serving
  • Waiting tables
  • Dish and pan washing and sanitizing
  • Dining room cleaning
Sense of humor a plus! Come join us - we need you!
Membership Services
Membership services is responsible for:
  • The daily news - we need people to type
  • The Elm Brook Courier (monthly newsletter publication) - we need artwork, articles, typists, photocopying, sorting by zip code, collators, staplers, and postage handlers
  • Outreach - we need people to make birthday, congratulations, get well and other cards for members in the community.
  • Database updates and edits in MS Access
  • Employment board updates and job search
  • Housing board apartment search and updates
  • Weekly recording of Elm Brook information line (lunch menus and upcoming events)
  • Political advocacy to protect important program funding, human rights and dignity of people with mental illness - includes phone calls, petitions, mailing campaigns and state house visits to legislators and other key decision and policy-makers
  • Creation of sign-up sheets for all events
  • Cleaning of Ladies Room and vacuuming of Membership area
  • Reproduction of new member intake and orientation folders and contents
  • Program tours
  • Filing
  • Updating and decoration of information boards
All are welcome to join us! Whatever you don't know, we can teach you!
The Business Unit
We are the heart of Elm Brook Place! Opportunities for meaningful work are many and members are constantly encouraged to try new things and expand their skills and build their confidence.
Experiences include:
  • Keeping daily and social attendance statis
  • Entering attendance data into MS Excel
  • Monitoring and collecting data from sign-in book
  • Meal ticket sales and documentation
  • Snack bar sales, cashiering and operation
  • Front Desk reception and switchboard duties
  • Inventory control
  • Fax machine operation
  • Accounts receivable and accounts payable

Some quotes from our members about the business unit:
"I like the business unit because I like to fax copies of our menus to all the community residences"
     "There is always something to do"
"It prepares you to get a business job"
     "Because I can be creative on the computer and set up layouts"
"The snack bar pricing labels are fun to do"
If you are willing to learn, we are willing to train you! There is something for everyone - all are welcome - come and join us!